Welcome to The Vine!

We are pleased to include you in the entrepreneurial community we are creating at the University of Memphis!

The Vine is an open forum, where entrepreneurs and those interested in entrepreneurship can come together to discuss ideas and to offer help to our start-up clients. The concept is closely aligned with the philosophy of our White Board Sessions. Clients of the CEI share their ideas with the group. Members can then comment on the original idea and make suggestions. The more suggestions and feedback that ideas garner, the idea begins to ascend up the vine. Those ideas that have the greatest response from the audience are displayed on top. Please keep in mind, if you are not very fond of an idea please do not comment. Any comment, positive or negative makes an idea climb.

It is important that participants are respectful of the ownership of ideas shared on this forum. As part of your membership of our group, you are asked to keep information confidential to the participants of this forum. As with our live community, we need to completely trust all of the members of our community. We reserve the right to discontinue membership in our group at any time and for any reason.

To sign up for The Vine, please call the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at 901-678-5266.

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